Maple Sugar: What is it, and how can you use it in your cooking?

Maple sugar is a natural sweetener which is traditionally consumed in Canada and the United States. It’s produced by boiling the sap of the maple tree until all the liquid evaporates and the remaining substance has crystallised. 

Unlike maple syrup, which has a dense, liquidy consistency, maple sugar is granulated, with slightly larger crystals than traditional sugar.

What does it taste like?


What does maple sugar taste like?

Maple sugar has the same intense maple flavour and scent as the syrup, and retains all the same nutritional properties.  It is 100% pure, and contains no colourants or any other additives.

How is maple sugar produced?

Canadian maple sugar is produced from the three types of maple tree that contain the highest sugar content (from 2% to 5%): the sugar maple (Acer saccharum), the black maple (A. Nigrum), and the red maple (A. Rubrum), 

Maple sugar is what remains of the sap after the boiling process necessary to produce maple syrup.  Once the water is completely evaporated, what remains is a solid sugar which is roughly 90% sucrose, with the remaining 10% being made up of glucose and fructose. 

This product is then sold either as solid maple sugar (sometimes called block maple sugar, after its compact shape) for grating, or in granulated form like our own MapleFarm maple sugar.

When should you use maple sugar instead of maple syrup in recipes?

Maple sugar is ideal for baked confections, as it’s much easier to use than the syrup, which requires more attention to calculate the right balance of liquid and dry ingredients.

How to use maple sugar in cooking, and more.

From vegetables to meat to pudding, there are thousands of dishes you can prepare with this natural delicacy.  Maple sugar is extremely versatile and can be used in place of white or brown sugar. 

Remember, however, that it is about twice as sweet as traditional sugars.  You may wish to halve the amount specified in your recipe. If this isn’t enough, add more little by little to obtain the perfect amount.

Maple sugar makes a beautiful buttercream filling for pastries and cakes, and you can even use it in a spice rub for grilling meat.

Use it in place of brown sugar to make fantastic waffles and French toast, and it’s brilliant as a topping for ice cream, in fruit salads, or to sweeten both hot and cold drinks like lemonade, coffee, tea, milk, or even smoothies and shakes. 

In custards, creme patissiere, icings, and glazes, maple sugar imparts a unique and delicate caramelised flavour.

Other tasty ideas

Yogurt: Add a bit of maple sugar for a healthy, tasty snack.  Tired of the usual milk and cereal in the morning? A spoonfull of maple sugar will start your day right! 

Cinnamon sugar: The unmistakable scent and flavour of maple sugar is ideal for flavouring herbal and fruit teas, perfect for savouring in front of a cozy fire. 

Apples: Did you know that maple sugar is the perfect partner for this fruit?  Add it to pies, cakes, or even simple baked apples. 

How to keep maple sugar

It should be kept at room temperature in a tightly sealed container to maintain the correct moisture levels and avoid it hardening. 

And if you realise that your larder is empty, you can always find more here in our store.

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