Maple syrup: the athlete’s friend

Maple syrup is a brilliant supplement for people who like to stay active. Compared to mass produced products, homemade energy drinks and bars containing pure maple syrup are much healthier (and cheaper)!

Indeed, Maple syrup is free of colourants, preservatives, and other additives typically found in confectionery, and it’s rich in mineral salts like potassium, which regulates your fluid balance and assists in normal muscular function.

Why maple syrup?

Canadian maple syrup is a 100% natural energy source. It provides simple carbohydrates (indispensible during exercise, providing fuel for our muscles), beneficial vitamins and minerals including manganese, riboflavin (a B vitamin), and zinc.

Maple syrup can perform the function of a proper supplement, helping you out before, during, and after physical activity

 It also functions as a natural stimulant, contributing to endurance as it’s made up primarily of carbohydrates, the main source of energy for our bodies. The more intense your workouts, the more important it is to replenish the mineral salts that your body loses through sweat. 

 Let’s take a look at how you can use maple syrup to your advantage in your workouts. 


How can you use maple syrup to support your athletic activities?


Thanks to its many and varied properties, maple syrup can be used throughout your training session, as energetic support but also as post-workout replenishment:

  • Before training it will provide the energy you need to start exercising.
  • During a long training session it can help maintain stamina and replenish minerals lost through sweating.
  • Post-workout it helps the body recover by replenishing glycogen reserves. Incorporating maple syrup into your post-workout meal will provide the right dose of manganese for muscle recovery, and 67 different antioxidant compounds that protect the body from oxidative stress. 



The simple-to-prepare beverage you should always have on hand is a basic combination of water and maple syrup, perfect as a refreshing summer beverage to replenish those essential mineral salts and keep you going all day long. 

 You can even add a bit of lemon to make an excellent detox and drainage drink:  just mix 250ml of water, two big spoons of maple syrup, and three spoons of lemon juice. 


Our recommendations for athletes

Whether you’re a regular walker, a weekend warrior, or you’re training for your next marathon, proper nutrition is a great help: once again it’s maple syrup to the rescue  with the natural support of a well-balanced raft of essential nutrients for your health and your athletic performance.

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