Maple Sugar – 150g


Pure maple sugar obtained from maple syrup brought to a boil until completely dehydrated and subsequently dried.

100% natural sugar with a sweet flavor, with notes of caramel, concentrates all the flavor of the maple syrup.

Practical and easy to dose, easily soluble, it gives a new and irresistible taste to sweets and hot and cold drinks.

Ground in impalpable powder is ideal as a substitute for sugar, practical and easy to dose.

Try it for sweetening drinks, ice cream and fruit salads.

Free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Packaged in a practical resealable sachet that protects the product from light and humidity.

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Nutritional values per 100g of product

Energy value 375 kCal (1569 kJ)

Fat 0g
of which saturated fats 0g

Carbohydrates 100g
of which sugars 100g

Protein 0g

Salt 0g

Composed of 90% sucrose and 10% of varying amounts of glucose and fructose.

Additional information


20 x 12 x 6 cm


100% maple syrup


Made in Canada

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