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Maple-based specialties

All the flavor and essence of pure maple syrup in different shapes and consistencies.
Maple candies, maple lollipops, maple sugar, maple cream and delicious filled buscuits with maple syrup.
Many specialties made with maple syrup, produced and packaged in Canada, following tradition.

Spread on a slice of bread, dissolved in a cup of hot tea or as a filling for crunchy biscuits.
Different consistencies, but a single flavour: that of maple syrup.
Enjoy it anywhere and at any time of your day.

  • Maple Syrup Cookies – 325g box

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  • MapleFarm maple cream - maple butter

    Maple cream – 330g

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    Maple syrup candies – 100g

  • MapleFarm Maple syrup leaf-shaped lollipops

    Maple syrup lollipops – 20g

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  • Maple syrup lollipops – 100g

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  • Maple sugar – 150g

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    Maple Candle – Maple Syrup Candle


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