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The virtues and nutritional values of maple syrup

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener whose virtues and nutritional values, along with nutritional properties are well known, so much so that it is declared one of the best substitutes of traditional sweeteners.

Not to be confused with pancake syrup, which is a surrogate made primarily with corn sugar, thickeners and dyes, 100% pure maple syrup is a healthy, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, saturated fat-free sweetener, as well as being delicious.

The nutritional values of maple syrup

According to the Canadian Health Ministerthe nutritional intake of maple syrup is higher than that of the most common sweeteners, such as white sugar, cane sugar or corn syrup. also the calories are much lower than those present in sugar or honey.

Glycemic index of 54

Maple syrup sweetens about 25 times more than sugar and has aglycemic index of 54 and a lower calorie intake than sugar.
Maple syrup contains almost exclusively sucrose. Only Dark and Very Dark varieties have a small and variable amount of fructose and glucose.

Values of glycemic index. Comparison between sweeteners.



brown sugar


white sugar




The nutritional properties of maple syrup

Lo sciroppo d’acero puro contiene vitamine e minerali essenziali che contribuiscono alla salute dell’organismo.Tre cucchiaini di sciroppo d’acero (60g) apportano il 72% del manganese richiesto giornalmente, il 27% di riboflavina, 17% di rame e 6% di calcio.









Thanks to the essential substances contained in maple syrup and the low level of sodium, consuming it can have many beneficial effects for the body: diuretics, depurative, emollients, slimming, remineralizing and restorative.
Let’s see the nutritional substances in detail.


The manganese contained in maple syrup is an essential mineral that actively participates in the biological mechanisms useful to the balance of health: coagulation, thyroid activity, fertility, immune system, cholesterol, blood sugar, bone formation.


Magnesium plays an important role in the body’s energy reactions and helps prevent heart problems.


It helps maintain regular blood pressure and intervenes in nerve transmission.


Essential element to strengthen the immune system.


It mainly contributes to the fortification of bones and teeth.

The virtues of maple syrup

Maple syrup is now a well-established habit for many, a delicacy that will please adults and children: for breakfast every day, for brunch on Sundays or for a delicious snack.

Evil virtues are a real discovery for everyone. The benefits and benefits of maple syrup are in fact many, some completely unexpected.

Rich in minerals and antioxidants

Lo sciroppo d’acero è un prodotto naturale ricco di nutrienti essenziali: contiene sali minerali, vitamine (soprattutto B1 e B2), acido malico e grazie ai ben24 diversi antiossidanti presenti è un’arma naturale contro l’invecchiamento cellulare riducendo free radicals. The antioxidant strength of maple syrup is similar to that of Gala red apples, broccoli or bananas. A portion of ¼ maple syrup contains as many antioxidants as in a raw tomato, providing between 10 and 38% of the recommended daily dose.

Ally of the line

Particularly indicated in low-calorie diets, thanks to the lower calorie content than traditional sweeteners and the higher sweetening power. It is estimated that teaspoon of white sugar contains about 50kCal, against the 25Kcal of a teaspoon of maple syrup. The maple syrup also stimulates thermogenesis, the process of heat production, thus increasing the consumption of calories by the body. Drinking every morning, fasting, a glass of water with a teaspoon of maple syrup stimulates diuresis helping to drain excess fluid and reduce water retention

Natural supplement for athletes

Thanks to its energizing and remineralizing effects, maple syrup can be used by those who do sportlike a supplement: diluted with water helps to store energy before training, to replenish the mineral salts lost during the effort and to speed up recovery after training.

Cleansing effect for the body

Maple syrup is perfect for preparing depurative drinks: it can be taken with water and possibly flavored with lemon or cinnamon to help the body achieve a purifying and antioxidant effect.

Helps the digestive and intestinal systems

Compared to other sweeteners that can cause bloating or abdominal pain, maple syrup brings benefits to the digestive and intestinal system: it promotes digestion and has a regularizing effect on the intestine.

it has anti-inflammatory properties

The polyphenols contained in maple syrup have an antioxidant but also anti-inflammatory action: maple syrup can be useful in the case of some inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, intestinal inflammation or heart disease. It is also useful for the skin: it is proven to reduce inflammation, relieve burns and rehydrate the epidermis. For example, make a mask with yogurt, maple syrup, oatmeal and honey in equal parts. Apply to the skin for perfect rehydration and at the same time reduce the surface bacterial load and any irritation.

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